Bridal Bliss: See Lauren And Elo's Romantic Virginia Wedding

Elo showed up to Lauren's farewell family barbecue as a plus-one but walked off with her heart. Their evening wedding was more beautiful than words and fierce, fierce, fierce!


The Look in Your Eyes

"Every so often, I catch myself staring into Lauren’s eyes, and I am reminded of our first meeting seven years ago, where I was so captivated by them that I took every opportunity to glance in her direction," Elo said of his bride. "Even after five years (at the time) and countless ups and downs, we were still growing stronger as friends, parents to be, and as kindred spirits. Our love is special because although we are imperfect beings, we strive to become better partners and soul mates each day. Knowing that I had never had that kind of love and never wanted that kind of love with anyone else ever again is why there is no one else in this world for me and why I chose her as my wife. We know that as long we work to improve our relationship, our connections may waiver at times but it will never break."