We make suit-buying simple.

In the comfort of your home or office, one of our clothiers will walk you through fabrics and design options, understand when, where and how often you want to wear your suit, and even find out about what makes you tick. Our simple 4 step buying process is tailored to the individual:

  1. Schedule A Fitting

  2. Discuss current and desired wardrobe, 40+ body measurements, fabric selection, customization

  3. Custom designed garment is created in 4-6 weeks

  4. Final fitting — Try on your new custom garment



We offer unconstructed, half canvas, and full canvas suits, plus a premium hand sewn suit. Two piece and three piece suits using the very finest fabrics. 

A new made to measure suit starts with a discussion of design options available. There are countless options to consider from linings to lapel details, contrasting vents and buttonhole stitching, to monograms and pocket options.

It doesn’t stop at suits – we also create tuxedos, sport coats, top coats, car coats and more. 



Business dress shirt or formal, a made to measure shirt will make you feel like a king.

We carry a wide range of cottons in different weights, along with 40 collar and 30 cuff options. Endless selections of colors, solids, stripes, and checks.

Finish off your garment with your choice of buttonhole thread and buttons, and if you’d like, add your monogram on your cuff or chest.



Body measurements are taken to create your individual pattern. Your sizes and preferences are stored in our system for future reference.

Taking measurements alone is not enough. We’ll have you try on a foundation suit to understand the dimensions of your garment. We’ll discuss how tapered you’d like your pant leg or sleeve to be. Shoulder construction and lapel width are just a few details we’ll decide on based on your body type and posture to create a unique silhouette that suits you well. All of these details are stored in our system which make future purchases smooth and seamless.